Lying to kids in an OK way.

This story requires a few background facts:

a) I nanny for a set of eight year old twins [boy and girl, if anyone’s interested] and for the past several months I have been reading them the Harry Potter series [We’ve just started Goblet of Fire!] 

b) My best friend took a trip to London a while back and visited THE Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station and took a picture where it looks like she’s going through the Platform. 

c) She recently graduated from UCLA and, during her last year there, she played on their collegiate Quidditch team. I was able to see her play and purchase this shirt 


Now, onto the story:

As I was reading to the kids the other day, one of them noticed my UCLA Quidditch shirt and asked if I could play Quidditch. I told them my best friend had been on the team because she got really good at it when she played for Ravenclaw when she went to Hogwarts. They didn’t believe me when I told them she was actually a witch and went to Hogwarts, so I showed the the picture of her “going through the platform” at King’s Cross. Being the logical kids they are, the wondered why she went to UCLA, a school in the “muggle world” if she had gone to Hogwarts. I explained that she didn’t like the way the Ministry of Magic was treating certain issues, so she decided to go to a muggle college and get her degree so she could have an education in both the wizarding and muggle worlds and hold jobs in both worlds, if she so chose. This explanation was good enough for them.

Long story short: I convinced two eight year olds that my best friend is actually a witch and that Hogwarts is a very very real place. It’s the little things that make this job worth it. 

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